Any bat found out during the daytime or on the ground needs help. It may have had an accident, been injured by a cat or be a lost pup.

Bats are nocturnal creatures, so if you come across such a bat that needs help, please follow these instructions below to safely contain the bat and then contact a bat carer:


1) How to contain the bat

  1. Find a small container, such as a shoe box or ice cream tub. Punch a few very small holes (smaller than the diameter of a pencil) in the lid. If it is a plastic container, the holes should be punched from the inside out, so that the edges of the holes don't harm the bat.
  2. Screw up a clean cloth, such as a tea towel or duster and place it in the bottom of the box for the bat to hide in.
  3. Place a milk bottle cap or other shallow lid in the box, away from the cloth, with a few drops of water (not enough for the bat to drown in).
  4. Gently pick up the bat, wearing gloves or by scooping it with a clothIf uncomfortable about doing this, you might find it easier to nudge the bat with a cloth onto a piece of card, then cover it with the cloth, place the container over the top and then gently tip the container up the other way. Do not handle it with bare hands.
  5. Make sure the lid is on securely as bats can escape through very small gaps or holes.
  6. Keep the box indoors in a quiet place away from pets.


2) Contact a Bat Carer

After containing the bat, please call the National Bat Helpline to find the nearest bat carer:

0345 1300 228

You can check the helpline opening hours here.

3) Inform Kent Bat Group

The Kent Bat Group are keen to hear about bats needing assistance and may be able to get back to you, or find someone to help, outside of the Helpline hours. However, our emails are not monitored 24/7 and this should be seen as a backup to the Helpline.

PLEASE NOTE: It is really important that we know the area that the bat was found so that once it’s fit we can release it somewhere that it knows so that it can return to its roost (many bats live in groups with their relatives).

Contact Us

Help the Helpline

The Bat Conservation Trust's (BCTs) National Bat Helpline is in urgent need of funds to continue providing their vital services, helping people and bats, including putting people in touch with volunteer bat carers. If you use the service, please consider a donation to BCT.