Here are some of the current projects and surveys which Kent Bat Group are involved with:

Motus Wildlife Tracking System Research

The Kent Bat Group is supporting Jane Harris, a very experienced bat worker, with her research using the Motus Wildlife Tracking System. Various researchers are using automated radio telemetry to simultaneously track hundreds of individuals of numerous species of birds, bats, and insects enabling impactful research and education on the ecology and conservation of migratory animals. Jane is using radio tracking devices, supplied by KBG, to tag Nathusius' pipistrelles, a species of bat now known to migrate long distances. More to follow on this when the data start coming in and are analysed.

Bat Surveys

If you're interested in getting involved with surveys, The Bat Conservation Trust have a range of them in their National Bat Monitoring Programme. From sunset and sunrise surveys to roost counts. Getting involved is easy. Check out their website for one suitable for you. Also, if you are a KBG member and would like to volunteer to help with surveys, visit our Volunteering page.